What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching helps you take action to reach your desired goals. A life coach meets you where you are in your journey to achieve those goals in the most effective ways that suit you and your life.

What is Alopecia Life Coaching?

Alopecia Life Coaching with me is a combination of consulting and coaching for adults, teens, and children & their families living with alopecia areata. Together, we will discover the answers already within you to ultimately step forward and reclaim your power.

Whether you feel stuck, are confused by the number of treatments, dietary options, head-coverings or want to create community awareness, life coaching is a great way to jump start the process of moving forward. As a certified life coach and someone who has lived with alopecia for almost forty years, I understand feeling stuck by limiting beliefs, being held to unrealistic societal standards, and the roller coaster of the unknown.

Some of What Head-On Life Coaching Provides:

1.   Information to navigate options
2.   Opportunities to address the real conflicts you face
3.   A personalized plan of action & accountability
4.   Methods to identify and eliminate hidden obstacles
5.   A safe space to express feelings & emotions associated with hair loss