Photo Credit: Randy Wentzel Photography

When your child is diagnosed with alopecia, everyone feels compelled to give you their two cents. The comments, doubts, and questions are endless.

from you…

“What caused this?”
“What’s the cure?”
“Is it environmental?”
“My doctor said it’s stress. Why is my child stressed?”
“How do I help my other children understand and not feel neglected?”…

from well-meaning friends and family…

“Oh my goodness. Who cut their hair like that?”
“He/she must be stressed.”
“Don’t let the puppy sleep with her at night and she will stop losing her hair.”
“You should try _______ (essential oil, healthy smoothie, eliminating dairy, pig urine… (Yes, I’ve heard that one.)”…

Alopecia doesn’t just affect your child, it impacts the entire family and outlying community. Coaching is an effective way to find ways to support your child as they look to you for guidance. Parents often want to find ways to raise awareness, connect with local support groups, or become more fully informed of the available resources. As a coach, mother, and someone who has lived through the phases of alopecia – I totally get it, and I look forward to helping you and your family find the answers you need to take the steps to achieve your goals.